Why Book a Workshop?


The new Literacy curriculum has given particular emphasis on the learning of, and performing of poetry. Creating and performing spoken word poetry is an empowering and character defining experience. Children and young adults can be given the opportunity to push themselves outside of their comfort zone while developing their own confidence and literacy skills.


Public speaking is a challenge faced by people of almost every career. By giving students the opportunity to craft and develop their own poetry and perform this to others we will develop these life skills and have their voices heard.


Students will be motivated to write by being encouraged to tell their story, put their ideas forward and share with others how they feel.

Most importantly, THESE WORKSHOPS ARE FUN! Isn't that really what learning should first and foremost always be?

If you still need convincing, check out our testimonials. There are many teachers who have seen the benefit of poetry workshops firsthand! 


"The children quickly became engaged with enthusiasm and pace of the session. The children were keen to start writing and even more keen to share. The Teacher's youthful approach was the main reason why the children concentrated and produced excellent poetry in a short session...I was really impressed with the way Jacques spoke to the children. He made it exciting and the children loved his enthusiasm...I loved that some of the children could read their poems. No-one was forced and the children loved it. The children just grew in confidence. What a wonderful workshop."



- St Teresa's RC Primary School